Hotel WOC wireless coverage project


With the development of internet, wireless technology has been an indispensable part of our life.Hotel as a must place for traveling and business people whenever Leisure entertainment, information query, emailing, telecommuting, a nice Internet environment has become an important standard for customer to measure and evaluate the service quality of hotels.

Demand analysis

Hotel survey:the voice of the guest

‘No free WIFI service” has been one of the most intolerable things in hotels.”Hotel free wifi service” has been the hot topic in two main microblog “sina microblog”and “Tencent microblog”.

Summary of  WOC technology project

WOC avails the existing cable television system to transmit 802.11b/g/n wireless network. One AP can cover 8 or more rooms . It can provide high-quality wireless single coverage for hotels which other technology cannot achieve.Breakthrough from wireless physical layer.It completely solves all the present problem of same frequency interference in hotel wireless system to realize the stable accessing and high-speed Internet surfing experience.

WOC(WLAN OVER CATV) is passive antenna extension system which can cooperate with any  telecom AP with antenna interface. AP installed in the corridor or between the shaft, WLAN and CATV single can be put into existing CATV lines through hybrid distributor.Mixture single could be directly put into the hotel rooms under full shielded without interference circumstances.It can realize high-quality wireless coverage by the panel distributor separating single.It uses the Frequency Division Multiplexing technology that is WLAN wireless single and CATV cable single working in different frequency band. Plusing a distributor of restraint outside the band, WLAN and CATV signal are without interference.

Network  Topology


Equipment list




WOC 8-way combining distributor


Every 8 rooms sharing one

WOC 4-way combining distributor


Every 4 rooms sharing one

WOC special wireless accessing point AP


Every 8 rooms sharing one

Every 8 rooms sharing one


Using to connect AP with WOC 4/8-way combining distributor or amplifier

WOC terminal panel(plastic)


 Every room using one

The characteristics Of WOC wireless network solutions 

1、Strong Single: wireless single getting into the rooms by CATV cables without through the wall. Strong single, uniform coverage, no dead corner.

2No Interference: The system itself has no interference. Single source AP does shield  and leakage processing and AP single can be put into the hotel rooms through full-shield CATV lines which efficiently avoids AP interference in the same floor, upstairs and downstairs. AP single branched into 8 rooms or more plusing the natural loss of CATV cable,single in rooms could not be too strong which cannot across into other rooms to cause interference.

3High Speed: wireless network can be in high speed without the same frequency interference.

4Stable Accessing: neighbouring 8 rooms working efficiently under one APwithout interference from other AP, cannot receiving several AP single in one room.

5Clear And Efficient Management: rooms can be accessed to the appointed AP, clear and effective wireless management, easily excluding the client issues.

6Easy Installation: no need to conduct complex spot wireless survey and antenna plan, only needing to change the WOC equipment according the CATV draft, convenient and concise installation, WOC are compatible with AP of any band, no need to change the existing structure of coaxial cable.

7Low Radiation: WOC is the passive antenna feedback system, terminal radiation is only a small percentage of traditional covering way which is far lower than the national standard , safe and environmental-protection.

8CE AuthenticationProducts has passed the strictly CE and electromagnetic compatibility certification testing, in line with international standards, safe to use, not influencing the existing operating system of CATV.