Hotel multimedia socket solution (one line socket)


With the continuous improvement of people's living quality, more business travelers are pursuing hotel wireless network with high request and paying more attention to the entertainment of the hotel.

Request analysis 

Connecting to the wifi through the self-carrying wifi device to enjoy the audio and video on the big screen,  that is a kind of enjoyment. Why not let business travelers scramble around?

Summary of the multimedia socket

Briefly, the so-called multimedia socket is to combine all kinds of entertainment functions into hardware products.And extend those entertainment function to TV screen.

1、AV interface-audio and video single port

2、3.5mm audio interface--PC audio input interface

3、USB interface--connect to any devices with USB port,and at the same time as an USB charging device 

4、HDMI interface-- connect to new camera and cellphone with HDMI port

5、INTERNET interface-- providing RJ45 internet port to notebook for internet service

6、Telephone interface--providing RJ11 telephone port

7、AV interface( including S-Video)--connect to MP4, Iphone , mobile DVD device

8、Bluetooth interface (optional):connect to devices( cellphone , notebook etc) with bluetooth  stereo output function to enjoy stereo devices

9、WIFI wireless mode( optional)--support wifi wireless Internet accessing

Product picture


Characters of Hotel multimedia socket solution 

96.jpg fashionable appearance

Fashionable appearance design , adopting aluminum alloy to elaborate to ensure each product as artworks which makes client enjoy endless Luxury and nobility. Large connecting port, concise and simple , bring guest with strong vision impact, enhance brand image of the upscale hotels.

97.jpg plug and play

Unique AutoDetect function, will automatically choose the accessing source device, and automatically switch the TV video input mode. Thus the user can appreciate TV program only need to connect your device to TV without choosing TV remote control switch. Thereby reducing the user operation to enhance the user experience and decrease the cost of hotel service at the same time.

98.jpg support USB play and charge

Charge personal digital equipment through USB port to overcome the worry of forgetting charger in tour. You can transmit the audio and video files in personal device to TV supporting USB broadcast which improves the quality of the hotels.

99.jpg 108OP Full HD video transmission

Maximum support 108OP full HD video reception , its unique image compensation technology and Scalper video processing technology make the converted video more clearer and vividly show in front of you.

100.jpg Rich audio video interfaces

The diversity of personal portable device output interface, the front panel supports a wide variety of common audio, video interface, not only the early VGA, AV interface, and the latest HDMI, wireless Bluetooth interface. Whether hotel guests carry early digital equipment or the latest fashion of digital equipment, in the guest room to enjoy big screen with high quality audio experience.


ARVIDA INTERNATIONAL designed the multimedia socket (Luxurious marble black) one-line socket without needing to refit the existing cable connection, just needing the plug and play socket.It reduces the need of refitting internet cable in rooms and avoid the damage to the connections.It adopts the plug and play port.Simple to install in wall or book desk.

Multimedia socket((Luxurious marble black) select the anti-fatigue spring design ,making the switch life up to 80000 times.

Multimedia socket (Luxurious marble black) adopting Aluminum alloys, elastic lasting and force balance, Normal operation more than 25000 times still in trouble-free condition.

Appearance and weight of  Luxurious marble black. 


●External panel size:378(length)*86mm(width)  internal machine size360length)*86(width)*80mm(height)

●Panel material-- Aluminum alloys Drawing panel