Hotel panel AP wireless coverage solutions


With the development of internet, wireless technology has been an indispensable part of our life.Hotel as a must place for traveling and business people whenever Leisure entertainment, information query, emailing, telecommuting, a nice Internet environment has become an important standard for customer to measure and evaluate the service quality of hotels.

Demand analysis

Hotel survey:the voice of the guest

‘No free WIFI service” has been one of the most intolerable things in hotels.”Hotel free wifi service” has been the hot topic in two main microblog “sina microblog”and “Tencent microblog”.

Project sketch of the Panel AP

At present , guests put forward higher and higher demands on accommodation environment and healthy and comfortable degree in hotels. Using a hidden small-power panel AP(AI-AP101N2) in each room realizes low-radiation and high-quality single. It is remote- powered by the POE switchboard or POE power supplier. It can support Fat AP working independently and Fit AP mode which can also add wireless controller AI-AC100 to realize centralized management.

Network Topology

Smart hotel ----wireless coverage structure



Equipment List




Panel AP


Each room use one piece

POE switchboard 


4-port,8-port,16-port,24port etc

POE power supplier


One POE power supply power up one AP

Wireless controller AC


centralized management AP

Panel  AP ---- Features of wireless network solution 

Easy installation

Panel AP AI-AP101N2 adopts the surface-mounting design which only needs two or three steps to finish the whole wireless coverage.Step 1: take Down the room the existing cable network interface panel, Step 2: plugging the original cable in miniature AI-AP101N2 and directly installed to realize plug and play.It breaks the old installation mode of wireless coverage without pulling the new cable by using the original cable to minimize the environmental impact time of the new built internet of hotels.

Full single coverage

Panel AP AI-AP-101N2 for actual installation directly in the metope of room inside for wireless network coverage avoids the problems of the common AP installed directly in the corridor must through the thick walls and even home toilet etc which brings out poor signal and unavailable network.

Integration of the Fit and Fat Mode, centralized management

AP-AI101N2 supporting two operating mode:Fat and Fit, customers can adopt different modes according to their network scale..It is helpful to upgrade customers’WLAN network from small smooth to a large one to protect users’investment. What’s more, in hotels who own large quantity of rooms needing more IP addresses only need to equip our wireless controller(AC) to realize thecentralized management and even the rapid failure location etc. Compared with ordinary soho AP (household) it brings about great convenience to the network maintenance personnel to manage the entire wireless network.Comprehensive security protection is easier to use.

User level security access

AP-AI101N2 supports WEB,802.11b/g/n, MAC address and local certification etc multiple

users access authentication methods for customers to choose.

To comply with the standard of network access control system,it carries on the strict definition to Internet access from the user's access, authorization, the host of the compliance to the network behavior monitoring, prevention and control of network attack etc multiple levels.And through this kind of control to achieve the "access authentication, access security" for the construction of the concept.

Comprehensive wireless security protection

Cooperating with ARVIDA series wireless controller, AP-AI101N2 has WIDS (wireless intrusion detection), radio frequency interference localization, the rogue AP counter, prevent ARP fraud, DHCP security protection and a series of wireless security protection functions,fundamentally building truly safe and reliable wireless network for users.

A variety of ease of authentication

Supporting no-perception, text message and two-dimension code visiting etc various efficient certification methods.

Wireless users access networks through no-perception method, just entering account and password for the first time to avoid entering boot password process again which lets user can be easy to get to the Internet with once authentication.

Via text message authentication will pop up a authentication page after visitors access to the wireless network,visitors can be registered through their mobile phone numbers,according to the receive messages with the account password for online operation.

Two-dimension code certification is another convenient way for visitors to surf the Internet, visitors obtaining two-dimension codehint when accessing to the wireless network, after receiving the respondents authorization to go on accessing the internet, the visitor behavior directly associated with respondents, providing high-level security.